Thursday, September 6, 2007

God's "MAGNETIC" Beauty!

Do you ignore something beautiful? Do you reject something that appeals to you?

There are those who teach that you can ignore God and even refuse His appealing offer! For them, it is unbelievable that there are persons who reject such "great salvation."

Actually, what is unbelievable is to teach that we have a God who lacks the appeal to draw someone to Himself!!

If there are those who reject, refuse, ignore God, they do so because they fail to grasp or comprehend the Glorious Beauty of God -- they are spiritually blind, or spiritually dead.

If they are able to exercise their free will or freedom of choice, they will freely approach the Attractive One, whose Great Beauty is irresistible!

Do you believe and follow God? If you do, be so grateful to God, through His Spirit, He made you spiritually alive -- has removed your spiritual blindness -- and enable you to behold His Magnetic Beauty to appreciate Him!

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