Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When You Perceive God

Would you not stare at the stars in the heaven?
Or admire the full moon shining in the night?
Would you not look up and attention be not given
And let the brightness to pass from your sight?

Have you ever seen succession of speeding shooting stars?
Didn't your eyes follow them until they were gone?
"Wow!" you could say, tho you're among the beggars
For a sight like that would fascinate everyone.

Blooming flowers, volcano spitting lava like fountain,
A dancing beautiful maiden, or cascading waterfall
Would you turn away from watching or just close the curtain?
Peculiar scene or whatever of beauty appeals to the eyes of all!

Human will is wired to choose to see and admire what is appealing
Eyes that could see prefer and glad to dwell on such scene
What greater joy to see in His Word the One Who created everything!
None will turn away his heart from Him unless one is blinded by sin.

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