Sunday, August 29, 2010


Gain we sought
But lose we bought.
Laughter we expect
But sorrow we get.

We work and save
And properly behave;
So in the end we live
In joy we believe.

But illness came
We could not tame.
Resources are drained
No one would lend.

We want the job
High grades and love
Peace, truth, health
Friends, rewards and wealth.

Yet not one is realized
Even it’s just disguised.
Indeed it’s painful
We suffer tho hopeful.

But the greatest of them all
When you meet your Creator
You thought you did so well,
But He said, “You evildoer!” (Matt. 7:23, NIV.)

You believe repentance is possible
As others taught you before
But after He said, “I never knew you…”
“Away from me…!” He also told you.

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