Saturday, May 5, 2007

When God DISPLAYED His Grace To Me...

Almost five years ago, I was alone in our house and I suffered a severe attack of bronchial asthma. It happened for two consecutive nights. I could no longer breath! During the first night, it happened once. During the second night, it happened twice.

In each case, because oxygen could not reach anymore my brain, I could no longer pray, or even think of God. I was just struggling to have some air! At that moment, air was the only thing that I valued.

But in each case, when I thought my life was about to end, my breath was restored.

When I tried to look back and remember what had happened, I was filled with guilt that at those times, I desired more the air than the Creator of the air!

But the great lesson I learned, I experienced the grace of God. My physical life was extended not because I even prayed for it, or I did something to prolong it, but because purely of His mercy!

And because of the experience, it was also emphasized to me that God would extend my life to eternity not because I would ask Him for it or I would do something to have it.

God had given us this temporal life, or would extend it for sometime, or would give us eternal life -- not because of our own choice or effort, but because of His Grace.

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Fort said...

Are you serious to say that it is useless to pray? That whether you prayed or not, God would have extended your life nevertheless?

It is not useless to pray. Or else Jesus would not have told us to pray at all.

Pray my friend.